Sunday, September 12, 2010


I continually get Rejected!


It sucks to love someone when they don't love u back.. Words can only mean so much right. With the words you say I see no passion of effort that comes with it. I understand I can not be by ur side everynight because you have a life of your own but the nights I don't can I get a text in the morn.. Makes it worse that I sit at work and you can say how happy u are to my manager and be enlightened but still haven't said hi to me.. Confused and wondering why I keep going back.

Friday, September 10, 2010


I love going to the gym and working out and shit. But why when I smoke and drink I have a better endurance to work out and can lift and run more then before?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well tonight I am making another attempt to do something together but once again I might just get the rejection. Kinda getting use to it which is the sad part.


All the times we had would be the best memories
In the end all you really have is memories.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today I learned

Why is everything you watch, hear, and see also seem like it is relevant to what is going on in your lives.
And fuck I have to turn my phone on to get the quotes one second....

btw, turned my phone off because I am a mean person and take it out on people even if it does not have to do anything with them. I have been really frustrated about my money situation and want more so I can do more happy activities for the special one. Having a shortage of money has been preventing me to change my ways... but thats another day. And if I am not mean for a day maybe I can see the special one, but on the real I think I need to move on. I have been trying hard for what I have at the time to impress the special one, to meet her needs and have her be satisfied in our relationship that we have, but the return is not fulfilling. We have bad communication and understanding each other and as I see it, we do not have a balance for each other characteristics.

"Life does not change, you just become comfortable with your core misery which is a form of happiness."

Going to the next statement I herd which was something about you make a new relationship to cover up the pain of the previous ones. Sound like a continuous life cycle, unless you find some true love happiness and have kids and everything but that does not exist anymore.

I am scared of relationships and rather not put a title on something that makes me happy. I see my views as if I believed in a relationships then that would be a goal to achieve for, but once you accomplish your goal, what is there to work for. Also, there is no more goals to reach for and the only way you can go is down.

Like a star shining so bright can only explode or die, but his achievements will not make him greater. He has created standards for him that he will continually have to achieve just to be successful.

Where when you are on top there is only failure to look forward to which leads to depression and misery.

What to do to prepare yourself for the cycle of life happiness?

Monday, September 6, 2010


If you got a girl,
man hold her close,
tell her you love,
dont let her go,
i'm tellin ya,
i'm warning ya,
no matter what you got,
anybody can leave you

love vs money

i wanted to take u home to my mama
i wanted to take u home to my mama
i wanted to take u home to my mama
but no, but no, but no

February Love

Do anything for just a fraction of you
And I know this may sound stalkerish,
But that's because you are the shit


Even though she wasn't my main girl
I was still committed, it was me and you
You said you wouldn't tell
But you saved my voicemails
But I always knew

nikki 2

Then you switched it all up on me
You used to be my homie
You said you'd play the role
And then you went cold
This love we had that was new
Suddenly grew old


Seen a lotta places, all around the world,
A lotta pretty faces, a lotta pretty girls.
This one is for you, where ever youre at,
Still gotcha name tatooed on her back.

-- Remix

Say what you want
Girl you know you miss me
Shawty I'm the realist
You know I'm the illest
I ain't goin nowhere

sex intelligent

She might even chill at the bar with you for a minute,
while shes there with you, she thinkin how I hit it
shawty cant forget it
I bust it down, break it down, blunt raw split it

Paris Morton Music

Would have came back for you ,
I just needed time, to do what I had to do
caught in the life, I cant let it go whether thats right I will never know,
hoping you will forgive me, never meant wrong,
tried to be patient, waited to long,
but I wouldve came back, but i wouldve came back,
wouldve came back, wouldve came back.
Wouldve came -

Devil in a New Dress

I mean a nigga did a lot of waiting,
We aint married but tonight I need some consummation.

Final Hour

To be seeing, what im seeing,
after ive seen, what ive seen
Its like acting out a scene
From a dream
of my dream

Meant To Be

see me I'm into hoes
that's into hoes
so now I'm in two hoes,
real sh-t boy

Black Everything

It's black...everywhere we are
And you're the star


I lost my girl
And no one's standing next too me
I need the love
With you is where I rather be
I ain't worth nothing
Just toss me out into the sea
If your in love, don't yooh dare sing along with me


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