Sunday, August 23, 2009

Somethin Familiar

I feel that Kanye got a little inspiration for Drake's Video from my man Benny Benassi. I was watchin satisfaction and thought that I saw this concept played recently and thought of Drakes Best I ever had. Everyone hated the video because it had nuthing to do with the song but Satisfaction's video as well has nuthing to do with the song. Both songs share the concepts of having beautiful girls in situations where they usally wont be. Like satisfaction having hot girls drilling, hammering and sawing. Best I ever had, had dime girls playing basketball. and dont forget about the boobs jigglin all day.


  1. damn, never noticed the comparison until now. I see what he was getting at. its all still creative to me. he was just trying to get across a point that no one was gonna understand because, well, he's kanye. and a risk taker.

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